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To preserve a safe shopping visit, we think you know the drill. But in case you just got off the ship, how about a few tips –

-       Maintain your distance

-       Employ masks and gloves

-       We know the aisles in the greenhouse are narrow (they’re pre-virus aisles) so please limit occupancy to one person per aisle.

-       We’re aware the impulse is great to do otherwise, but try your  best to not handle merchandise unless you’re at least 85% certain you’ll be leaving with it,  (sort of a garden center version of “you break it you buy it”)

-       Smile, you’re in nature.

When the cease business order came from on high this spring, we didn’t know what to expect for this year.

But given the constraints – facemasks and distancing – we were sure we could make it work once garden centers were deemed essential. After all, our wide-open spaces are a natural for helping to keep folks safely apart.  Still, we didn’t know what customers’ response would be.  We needn’t have worried – you came in droves from the beginning and here it is late June and the onslaught hasn’t abated.

Many thanks to you all and to Kelley and Kelley staff for being up to the task.  We’ve had our best spring in a long time. Again, thank you.

We can’t believe the 4th of July is rapidly approaching.  And since it falls on a Saturday this year, and since we all just crave a long weekend right about now, we’ve decided to close our doors for Friday the 3rd and, of course, on the 4th as well.  See you Monday the 6th, stay cool.

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