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This & That from Steve


Well, don’t these days remind you of fall?  Time to retire the shorts and flip flops?  Given the rainy pattern we’ve been caught in the middle of, even those hoses coiled up quietly waiting for their next gig seem oddly out of place.  I’d be inclined to leave them at the ready a bit longer, though.  And the lawn mower as well – my heavens, have you ever seen such a year for mowing - every third day it seems.  And didn’t garden weeds give us a run for our money this year – was a tussle trying to keep them from going to seed.  Oxalis and Chickweed seemed unusually pesky.

We’re enjoying late color in the gardens.  Dahlias are providing generous colorful bouquets. Love to see the butterflies enjoying them too. Monkshoods are happily spreading their welcome blue throughout the rear of the garden.  Pure white Japanese Anemones glow long into the evening.  Late – blooming Snakeroots scent the air with their sweet, grape jelly-like fragrance.  Hardy Hibiscus, rising above their garden compatriots, shine rosy red from afar.  A Phlox, unusually generous with its bloom, has been the Fashionably Early series, one a pearly white lavender the other a pink.  They’ve showered us with bloom all summer and are still adding dashes of color.  Glossy green foliage is relatively disease free and as they are remarkably short and compact, are easily tucked in to nooks and crannies. Autumn crocus have popped up with their perky, pink bloom reminding the gardener that it’s high time to be thinking about planting spring blooming bulbs. 

Enjoy the crisp, clear days of fall.  Don’t give up on the garden just yet – its dusky colors and blowsy textures hold a special allure, don’t you think? 

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