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This & That from Steve

   Good intentions don’t count for much, I know.  Nonetheless, I really did hope to do better this year about writing a little something for this space on a regular basis.  Now here it’s fall – a glorious one at that – and the next season seems approaching, if ever so slowly.  Time for a few musings.

  Wasn’t it a marvelous year in the garden – ample, well-timed rains and, for the most part, moderate temps kept gardens and gardeners humming along gratefully.  Heavens, the gardens here are still colorful and rich with interest.  Hope yours have been a constant delight as well.

  Every year about now it’s the same routine – mow the lawn one last time, take the snow blower in for a tune up, move the junk in the garage that’s accumulated over summer so that the cars can once again fit in their stalls, cut down perennials in the garden that provide no winter interest, and wrap vulnerable trees against possible deer or rabbit damage.  Those are the easy decisions; the one   that gives us fits is over when to fill pots and window boxes with winter dress.  Always that first bit of snow that promises more or the way helps spring us into action.

  Why not get the outdoor finery installed before it gets really snappy?  I always find myself in a more creative frame of mind it my fingers and toes aren’t frozen ice chunks.  At Kelley and Kelley we’ll be out in the nursery soon cutting all manner of greenery to tempt you – White Pine,  Cedar, Yew, Arborvitae, and White Fir.  We’ll lay in a supply of non-native greens and decorative branches as well.  We invite your visit.

  As we’re scrambling to get all manner of work accomplished outside, and may not be handy to greet you, we suggest a call ahead to be sure someone’s around before you venture out in our direction.

  One last thought, though by no means an afterthought – many thanks for your patronage in 2015.  We’re delighted with the support of long-standing and new customers alike and are proud to have accomplished one more year of service as we approach 100 years of doing what we love.

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